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Boulder Heating Service

Colorado winters sure get cold! But with Sherrelwood Services on your side, your home stays cozy warm regardless of how far the temperature plummets outside. Plus, we don’t just provide heating service, but air quality solutions that humidify the dry air in your home.

New Furnaces & Hybrid Systems

Modern heating and air products have come a long way in the past 20 years. New gas furnaces boast modulating flames, variable speed fans and condensing technology that makes them more efficient and quieter than ever before. Do you turn up the TV when the furnace kicks on? You can say goodbye to those days forever. Sherrelwood Services understands the fine details of HVAC systems. When we install new equipment in your home, it’s sized and installed the right way.

Whether you call us for equipment replacement, or a complete new system, you can rest assured that your money is being invested in a system that will operate┬áreliably and efficiently. We’re experts at not just gas furnaces and heat pump systems, but hybrid heating solutions that make the most out of available energy sources.

Repair & Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is crucial for any heating system, and we service all makes and models of gas and electric equipment. When repair is needed, we properly determine the problem, and fix it the right way. If you need new equipment we’ll let you know, but we never tell you to purchase products you don’t need.

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