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Customer Testimonials

“I could not be more impressed with Sherrelwood!

I left a message with Sherrelwood Services at 7pm on a Friday night for a menial task not expecting to hear back until Monday. Not only did I get a call back in 15 minutes, but they resolved my issue soon thereafter.

Sean could not have been more friendly and helpful. He even texted me later to make sure everything was ok.

10/10 guys, keep up the great work!”

— Daniel M.

“Outstanding, prompt and professional service.  I had tile and plumbing work done, and even though some of it was tricky, they did the job quickly and with excellent results.  Sean is great – he followed up with us to make sure we were happy with the results.  They also went out of their way to get the job done promptly because I was preparing to list my home for sale.  I was in desperate need of help after other contractors flaked out, and Sherrelwood really came through.  I could not recommend them highly enough!”

— Puddin G.

“Hi, Ive lived in boulder for about 3 years dealing with apt rental companies like boulder property management and fowler property management and I have to say Sherrelwood Sevices (with fowler property management as well) blow any other house maintenance/ service providers out of the water. The response time to any problem is where they strive most. I will literally call in a water heater problem or a broken light fixture problem and they will be here in 30 MIN sometimes! 95% of the time its in the same day. I highly recommend sherrelwood services!”

— Robert McAllister